Event: Work From Home Breakfast

Every year Cerebral Brewing host a Work From Home breakfast for their breakfast porter with Vermont Maple syrup. The breakfast includes a limited edition mug, a breakfast of waffles and bacon, 4 oz pour of BA Work From Home, 10 oz pour of Regular Work From Home, plus the option to buy pre-release bottles of Regular Work From Home (Limit 2) and BA Work From Home (Limit 1) all for a $40 ticket.

This years mug was ceramic and mimicked the look of an old school enamel camping mug featuring the Work From Home label art. The waffles that came with the breakfast were absolutely amazing and paired perfectly with the beer. They had a caramelized sugar sprinkled over the top of them that added some extra crunch and sweetness. 

Besides a killer breakfast and mug,I think the biggest perk to joining this breakfast was to get access to the pre-release bottles. From the first time I tried Work From Home it instantly became one of my favorite beers by them. It's going to be difficult not to drink these too quickly. 


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