Brewery: MadeWest Brewing - Ventura, CA

Back in May my wife and I were in California and decided to take a trip to Ventura to hit up the beach. We were looking to grab a quick beer on our way home and Madewest Brewing just happened to be right down the street! This wasn't our first time visiting, but our first time in a long time, since we moved to Denver, CO. Upon walking in and ordering a beer, I started to take some photos and then was approached by Mike Morrison the Founder and Head Brewer. We got to chatting and then next thing I know, he generously gifted us a mixed 4-pack of their latest release. I was so humbled by the visit that when we had our next California trip planned, I emailed Madewest in hopes they would let me take some photos. 

The staff welcomed us so graciously and took us on a tour of their facility, which happened to be much larger than we expected! As you walk in you're greeted by these high towers of cans and their fermenters. We were able to check out their brewing space, canning line, and cold room.

When we previously had visited, we tried one of their Lagers and Hazy IPAs, and both were very satisfying! This time they were pouring "Effervescent" a new style of IPA, called a "Brut IPA". (An IPA that is light, very crushable, and uses a champagne yeast to help break down all the complex sugars in the beer and leaves you with a dry mouthfeel.) Theirs met the style perfectly and was very refreshing and not overly hoppy.

Alongside the Brut IPA, we also tried a couple of their staple beers and a few more of their lagers. We favored the Effervescent (Brut IPA), Aftergold (Dry-Hopped Lager) and Prospect (Vanilla Coffee Porter) probably the most, but all the beers were very good and easy drinking. 

Before we left, I decided it would be a good idea to take a crowler to go. It was a great photo opportunity and we needed something to help us beat the hot California heat. We decided on the After Gold Lager because it was light, dry, and super refreshing. Definitely hit the spot!

The entire visit wouldn't have been as fulfilling if the staff hadn't been so amazing. They were super informative about the history of the brewery and what makes MadeWest who they are. Visits like these make me want to keep coming back every time we visit California. If you are in the Southern California area and plan on taking a trip to Ventura, make sure to put MadeWest on your list!

More photos from this day can be found here.

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