Event: Cerebral Brewing BA Ancient Ruins Bottle Release

In other celebration of Great American Beer Festival, Cerebral Brewing debut two of their latest barrel aged stouts: BA Ancient Ruins (Barrel Aged Imperial Chocolate Stout) and BA Forever Awake (Barrel Aged Imperial Coffee Stout). They had previously showcased one of these stouts, BA Ancient Ruins, with two variants at the Weldwerks Invitational. The two variants consisted of Rocky Road and Hazelnut Mocha, both of which absolutely stole the show! So this release was very highly anticipated, having people line up early Friday morning to wait for this glorious beer!

The release went off without a hitch. The line moved quickly and smooth! All the customers who lined up and received a wristband were granted access to a full allotment of 2 bottles of each beer, first 50 were able to purchase an exclusive Ancient Ruins bottle tote bag, and gained access to the tasting room one hour before opening.  

And as a special bonus Cerebral was tapping three special barrel aged stouts alongside the two that were being released. They had tapped their BA Safe Word (Barrel Aged Imperial Stout conditioned on Cacao Nibs with Cassia Bark, and Coconut), BA Ancient Ruins Rocky Road (Barrel Aged Stout with Vanilla, Marshmallows, and Cacao Nibs), and BA Ancient Ruins with Raspberry & Ancho Chiles.

BA Safe Word: They previously released this beer last December and it's been sitting in barrels for 10 months! Although I didn't get to taste this beer. I heard the Cassia Bark was very prominent and that it was a very decadent and thick stout, that will be very sought out for once/if it hits bottles!

BA Ancient Ruins Rocky Road: The highly acclaimed Rocky Road beer from the Weldwerks Invitational was on tap again and tasting greater than ever! This one was so hard to beat even with all the other great BA Stouts that they were pouring. It was sweet, and packed with Marshmallows followed by subtle Vanilla and Cacao Nibs! It was a beer that just kept giving back and never stops!

BA Ancient Ruins with Raspberry & Ancho Chiles: Raspberries and Ancho Chilles you say? Yes!! Just upon reading the name it reminded me of eating some raspberry jam with spicy peppers in it. And if you think about adding some chocolate syrup to that, you will get this beer! It was loaded with a ton of raspberry sweetness followed by subtle smokiness from the ancho chiles!

In addition to releasing these special beers they also opened up their parking lot because of all the heavy foot traffic, allowing guest to mingle and enjoy beers outside. If you're interested in checking out more photos of this event click here.

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